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Why Are People Rushing To Get This New Smartscale? The Health Benefits Are Incredible


See why this new "super" Smartscale is gaining popularity in the United States and selling out everywhere....

The only way to TRULY monitor your physical health is to visit the doctor every other day… Or is it?

Thanks to a group of brilliant German engineers, it is now possible to see inside your body and monitor vital health signs yourself.

The KoreScale can warn for health problems before they become serious. Even the biggest tech experts agree, this is a game changer.

What is it?

Meet the KoreScale.

The German company behind the KoreScale are experts in health tech. Their engineers combined forces with some of the top electrical engineers in the world to develop this "super" Smartscale.

Their goal was to give anyone cheap, fast and painless access to a full health checkup, whenever they want.

They succeeded after 4 years by inventing a technique called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), I'll explain more down below (it's genius).

In short, the KoreScale is able to track and monitor vital health functions by simply stepping on it with your bare feet.

It's like taking a free physical exam – at home, whenever you want.

Feeling tired? Slow? Headache? Think you're gaining fat? Losing muscle? Dehydrated? etc, etc etc... The KoreScale will instantly tell you what is going on inside your body and explain why you're feeling the way you do.

How does it work?

Every time you step on the KoreScale, a painless electric current is sent from its four metal electrodes through your feet and into your body. This form of measurement is called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).

With BIA, the voltage is measured in order to calculate the impedance (resistance) of your body. Ingenious.

It then measures and keeps track of the many different health metrics, showing if you're in the optimal range and warning you if something is wrong. Giving you valuable time to change your lifestyle or seek medical help before it's too late...

What exactly can the KoreScale do?

More than you think!

Physical age -Determine what your "true" age is by measuring your overall health.

Catch health issues -Warns you of potential health problems before they become serious

Stay in shape -Get in shape or stay in shape by knowing exactly what you need to work on

Set a diet -With the data from the KoreScale you can quickly put together a personalized diet

Easy to use -The app and KoreScale are both very easy to use and setup in less than a minute

Complete tracking -Always know if your health is improving, declining, or if your body is changing in any way

and much more...

If you are health conscious, or in an at risk group for unnoticed health issues (aged 45+), this machine is an absolute must-have. It’s like having a physician (who tracks your vital stats) with you at all times!

One thing is for certain, once you try the KoreScale, you'll never want to go back to life without it!

What vital functions does the KoreScale track?

Physical age -What is your age as determined by your overall health?

Visceral fat level -How much fat surrounds your internal organs?

Skeletal muscle -Are you healthy or aging too fast?

BMI -Body Mass Index informs you what your weight to height ratio is.

Protein -Are you getting enough (or even too much) protein?

Weight -Your weight is one of the most important aspects of your health.

Body fat % -How much excess fat are you carrying around?

Moisture -Do you have too much water weight? Are you dehydrated?

Muscle mass -What percentage is flab and what percentage is muscle?

Bone mass -Ensure you aren’t losing bone mass as you age!

Basal metabolic rate -How fast do you burn energy and calories?

Fat-free body weight -What percentage of your body weight is not made up by fat?

And there's even more, no other smartscale is this "smart".

Some questions we've had

Q: Does KoreSCale require any installation?
No, it works directly out of the box and is really simple to use. You will have it tracking your health in less than 60 seconds.

Q: How will I know if my vitals are good?
In the KoreScale app, all measurements are given a color code to indicate your level of health.

Q: Can I use KoreScale without the app?
You can weigh yourself with KoreScale on its own, but you won’t be able to access your health levels without the FREE app.

How Much Does It Cost?

Similar medical smartscales used in hospitals go for $800+, so you would expect the KoreScale to be at least this...

But what if I told you that the KoreScale retails for $178.00, this is way below your expectations right!

HOWEVER, do you know what's better than paying the already good full $178.00 price?

Their 50% promotional discount, where you can order yours for just $89!

Click here to claim a discounted KoreScale (if it's still available) >>

That's a small price to pay for a 24/7 physician at your fingertips.

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Did you know big brands spend BILLIONS on advertising, physical stores, and boss bonuses? Can you guess who's paying for that? Yep, us the customers...

KoreScale spends nothing on any of this. They only sell online, don't advertise on TV and don't have greedy owners who demand ridiculous bonuses.

They prefer to let their devices and positive reviews do the talking for them!

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

100% Yes. If you care about your health (or your loved ones) I would recommend getting a KoreScale as soon as possible before this 50% discount runs out.

It's already selling like crazy and you'll quickly see why thousands of Americans have ordered theirs already!

The KoreScale does more than any other smartscale on the market, even beating the $800+ models.

The icing on the cake is the price. If it's still on promotion for under $300 - definitely, pick one up before they go.

In case you couldn't guess, I LOVED it!

How Do I Get A Real KoreScale?

No knockoffs please, the real thing is essential! Don’t get stuck with some ancient prototype!

Get your KoreScale from their official website here.

As of April 2, 2020* – Ever since the KoreScale was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time 50% discount.